Seminars & Conferences


There will be a Seminar on National Reports in Paris in December 2017, where the partners will learn about National Reports and draft three National Reports for their countries.

In October 2018 a Seminar on TNE (Transnational Education), Joint Programmes and Diploma Mills will be organised in Montevideo, Uruguay.


Two international conferences will be organised at the end of the RecoLATIN project in 2019, one in Mexico and one in Italy. These events especially address staff from Universities of the Latin American and European Region, representatives from government institutions dealing with the accreditation and recognition of qualifications, credential evaluators, representatives from ENIC-NARIC centres and professionals of the higher education sector.

Project Meetings

Several Consortium Meetings take place during the lifetime of the RecoLATIN project to organise, monitor, discuss and manage the project activities.

The kick-off meeting in February 2017 in Panama City introduced the project activities and gave the chance to get to know all the project partners from Panama, Mexico, Uruguay, Norway, France and Italy. It was the moment when to present the single project activities and tasks for the single partners and talk about administrative and financial issues.