Project results

The RecoLATIN project activities will lead in the long run to the improvement of recognition of foreign qualifications and improved student mobility between and within the Latin American and European higher education systems.

The main project outputs were presented during the project’s final conferences in Italy and Mexico in 2019. Among these, the National Reports on the education systems of Mexico, Panama and Uruguay. The Reports describe the Mexican, Panamanian and Uruguayan Higher Education Institutions, their programmes and qualifications with the aim of facilitating the circulation of clear and complete information, useful for admissions officers, credential evaluators and students with study abroad experiences.

  • National Report on the Higher Education system of Mexico
    English / Spanish
  • National Report on the Higher Education system of Panama
    English / Spanish
  • National Report on the Higher Education system of Uruguay
    English /Spanish

A specific focus has been put on controversial recognition cases and sectors such as Transnational Education (TNE) and international institutions, distant learning qualifications and non-traditional education and the project partners elaborated Reports for the evaluation of non-traditional, cross-border or trans-national education and distance learning institutions: